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3 Steps to stop your slice

The slice is the shot that affects many golfers. GOLFTEC have spent countless hours diving deep into the causes — and effects — of the most widespread problem in golf.

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About Us

Josh Carter

Former PGA Professional golfer with over 10 years experience within the industry.

During his time as PGA Pro, he worked with a wide range of golfers, from touring pros and NCAA division one collegiate golfers to complete beginners.

He worked at Royal Liverpool Golf Club as Head assistant professional. During this time he was an integral part of the team to help host such events as The Open Championship in 2014.

Now a Certified Personal Trainer working as strength and performance coach, helping golfers become the very best they want to be.

Golf is not just Josh’s job, it was his first love and has been his life long passion. After taking up the game at 10 years old, he has been hooked ever since for the past 20+ years.

Andy Hosgood

Chartered Physio with background in sports rehabilitation, movement analysis and correction.

He has been involved in screening golfers of all levels. Helping them recover from and prevent injuries to working on improving performance.

He is a Clinical Director of Summit Physiotherapy for almost 15 years and he brings a vast experience of linking movement faults to injury, poor technique or under par performances.

He was an instrumental part of a team that saw him educate professionals world wide in how to screen athletes for movement faults.

Passion for seeing people improve and working as part of a team with Josh to create the Perfect Journey for any Golfer looking to prevent injuries, improve performance or just be the best they can be.

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